why favafone

You can really save money

Sometimes mobile operators charge as much as $3 per minute for your roaming and International calls and up to 50c for a single SMS. If you are traveling abroad or you just live far from your home, your relatives or your business partners, Favafone is for you. Check Our Low Rates.

It is easy to use

Whenever you need to make a low cost call make sure you have available WiFi or 3G connection and launch Favafone app. The application uses your phonebook so you just pick the contact you want to call. That's it.

You are in control

Up to date information about your current account balance, call history and payments history is always available within our web site or the mobile apps.

It is free to signup

You can signup without any contracts. It is free. We don't have any fees. To make low cost calls just add some funds using PayPal or your Credit or Debit Card.